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Our company proudly represents high quality connectivity methods for everyone, who is willing to have new accessible internet.
Our staff is well-trained to give you the best and the most secured options, to have an easy access and support for any case. Keep your screen and children safe from any kind of hack or not friendly screen performance, with a High-Quality back up control from Linksys Smart Wifi anytime and anywhere.
Experience the 2018 development with linksyssmartwifi.com and all its high connectivity strength and let’s create together a new path for the next generation! Everything is designed to provide a modern, comfortable and proper service!
Linksys Smart Wifi router provides a login screen, where you can easily get access to all the information that you need to be updated, with the ongoing internet activity at your home or office. Linksys Smart Wifi Login gives you the possibility to own a personal username and password, which you can change manually, whenever you want.
Everything is more simple nowadays. That’s why our company provides easy and fast Wifi Setup. Linksys smart Wifi Setup is programmed in 6 simple steps, in order for you to have full Wifi connection.

  1. Step 1- If you already have a router, please unplug it and plug the new Linksys Smart Router.
  2. Step 2- Plug the Antennas into the power source and switch the router on.
  3. Step 3- Connect the Internet Cable to the yellow port.
  4. Step 4- The logo should turn into a solid color.
  5. Step 5- Linksys Smart Wifi Setup should be appearing as completing and before that you can even change the username and the password to make it a personal one.
  6. Step 6- Launch a web browser and follow the steps given there.

Our support team offers a friendly 24/7 communication for everyone, who is having issues with the linksys smart wifi connectivity, the application, the router or setting up everything. More than happy to give you free access from any place that you are, because linksyssmartwifi.com is mobile and computer friendly.Our support team offers a friendly 24/7 communication for everyone, who is having issues with the linksys smart wifi connectivity, the application, the router or setting up everything. More than happy to give you free access from any place that you are, because linksyssmartwifi.com is mobile and computer friendly.

Below you can find our diversity of linksys smart wifi routers, explained in details with their functions and differences:


Designed to give you a HD quality service. It provides powerful security and is also very responsive. One of the favorite routers of all times, because linksys smart wifi setup is easily usable. Quad Core processor, MU-MIMO Technology and more!


Highly recommended for its responsive service, good performance, good technology and its wireless coverage. This linksys smart wifi router has overcome different traffic tests, to give you an awesome connectivity.


Proudly owning 1 ghz processor to make it more than a simple linksys smart wifi router! Designed for great areas and highly recommended for businesses.


Linksys created the Tri-Band Wifi Router, which is designed to give the best performance and not only. Linksys EA 9200 Router is capable of a 5 GHz Technology for a better speed, incomparable to others, because it provides an important role to your family or your offices, in case that there are a lot of computers or other devices calculated to use it and it can support up to 50 of them. What makes it special, is the fact that everyone who is using the linksys smart EA 9200 wifi router, can easily access it with different usernames and passwords; it is parental friendly and so you can control what your children watch, when you are not around and also it owns a technology that is compared to Ipv6.


I have a slow download/ upload speed

  1. Turn off your wireless radio
  2. Turn off the Ipv6 internet control
  3. Locate the device in a place where it can get optimal service
  4. Activate Qos to the highest priority

Why do I need a linksys smart wifi account?

  1. You can control the accounts
  2. You can control the websites that you want your children to watch
  3. You can control the guests that are connected to your linksys smart wifi’ s router.
  4. You can check the internet speed anytime and anywhere
  5. You can control and set up any troubleshoot that might occur

The Linksys router login web interface is the control panel of your Linksys router it’s where all the settings are changed. It’s nearly impossible to troubleshoot Linksys wireless router without accessing Linksys smart wifi page. Now you can control your Linksys router settings with the help of Linksyssmartwifi.com web address and configure it according to your needs.
Configure your Linksys router with the help of Linksys smart wifi app gives more security and sometimes, a faster internet speed. After performing Linksys router setup you can change your default username and password so, nobody can make changes in your Linksys router. For all that, you’ve to first go to the Linksys login web page.

How do I get into my Linksys smart wifi router?

Whenever you are trying to login to your Linksys router, you may need to know a few things upfront. Linksys Router Default Gateway – The website of Linksys smart wifi is linksyssmartwifi.com that can help you access the Linksys router setup page. The default IP address of the Linksys router is Connection From Linksys Router – Let’s just be clear on this point if you are not connected with Linksys router either wired or wireless then you can’t access Linksys smart wifi setup. You need to have a wired or wireless connection with a Linksys router. After getting the access of Linksys wireless router, you can change the wireless name and password, upgrade router firmware, and change the wireless channels. Follow the steps to access Linksys router login:

  1. Open a web browser in your computer connected to your Linksys router’s network.
  2. Type http://www.linksyssmartwifi.com or and Linksys smart wifi login window open.
  3. Enter the default username and password.
  4. The username and secure password are case-sensitive so type all the lower case letters.
  5. The Linksys smart wifi page displays.

How to configure your Linksys router

Once you have logged in to the Linksys smart wifi account you should be able to perform Linksys router setup within a few minutes. Setting up a Linksys router involves securing your network by configuring the Linksys router properly. Although the Linksys routers are designed to get you up and running with quick Linksys setup. Follow the steps to configure the Linksys router.

  1. Connect your computer to Linksys router either with wireless or Ethernet cable.
  2. Open an internet browser and enter any of the following link: linksyssmartwifi.com or IP address.
  3. Now you will be redirected to the Linksys smart wifi web page.
  4. Enter the default username (admin) and password (admin)in Linksys smart wifi sign in page.
  5. Click on sign in. You might be prompted for a firmware update.
  6. Click on yes for Linksys router firmware upgrade and log in again.

What if my Linksys router network stops working after changing the password

In case you by mistake change the password that breaks your Linksys wireless network. You can always go back to default settings by resetting your Linksys wireless router. If you still have the access to Linksys smart wifi account you can always log in to revert the settings of Linksys router.

Linksys Smart WiFi Not Working?

If you are not getting configuration page for Linksys login, here are tips you can try.
  1. You can try to delete cookies and cache of your web browser if you are not getting access for www.linksyssmartwifi.com setup page.
  2. If you have set up any firewall for your home network or computer system, maybe that is why you are not getting access for linksyssmartwifi.com login page. Remove the firewall and try once again.
  3. The default IP address for accessing the Linksys router setup page is Linksys
  4. If you are facing issues accessing the linksyssmartwifi.com with the WiFi, you must try using the ethernet cable.

Resetting the Linksys Router using the Linksys Smart WiFi Page

Below are the steps for resetting your Linksys router to default configuration using the linksyssmartwifi.com address.
  1. Open the web browser and access the linksyssmartwifi.com login address. | Linksys router login
  2. Enter the login details here. | https://www.linksyssmartwifi.com
  3. Use the default username and password to log in. | linksyssmartwifi.com login
  4. After login to Linksys smart wifi login page, go for the reset option.
  5. Reset your Linksys router from here. | www.linksyssmartwifi.com

  6. What you will get in Linksys smart wifi tools

    1. Device List: Here you can check how many devices are currently connected to your Linksys router’s network.
    2. Guest Access: Here you can configure the guest network of your Linksys router. If any of your guests are visiting at your home, give them guest access instead of your main wireless network.
    3. Parental Control: Here you can control the content of your children and monitor your internet activity. You can block some particular websites so, your children won’t be able to access any porn or malicious websites.
    4. Speed Test: Here you can check how fast your internet is working. If you are facing any issues with your internet speed then go to troubleshooting option.
    5. Wireless: Most of the wireless settings of your Linksys router which you might be looking for can be done from here. If you want to change your wireless password then you can do it from here.