Firmware Update

How you can update the firmware of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router

For your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router to operate optimally, then firmware updates becomes quite a necessity. Fundamentally, these Linksys smart wifi router firmware updates are no more than bug fixes aimed at ramping up the functionality of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router. The reality is that as you keep using your router, issues are going to accidentally pop up inevitably. So are you going to go crying about? No, it is more optimal to go for aLinksys smart wifi router firmware update. The added beauty is that most of these updated firmware which you can get fromLinksys Support siteare garnished with extra features which are absent in preceding versions.

So now let us delve into how you can update the firmware of your Linksys Smart Wifirouter:
We will adopt the approach of the updates button to quickly go for an automatic update. Also for the hard going guys, there is also the option of carrying out your Linksys smart wifi router firmware update the manual way. In that path, you do it all manually and upload to the router at the end of the ride. Rather,we are choosing the automatic option, thus let us use the check for updates button.
  1. Step 1: So the first step you would be taking here is to simply log intoaLinksys cloud account – yours precisely. Now, the interface opens after which you take the option of “Connectivity”. Also in the event that you don’t have a Linksys cloud account, there are other routes of getting into the setting of your routers without primarily having to take the path of your Linksys cloud account.

  2. Step 2:So there we are after you have clicked connectivity. Now appearing below the Firmware Update section is the “Check for Updates”. Particularly, this comes under the Basic tab. Click it.

  3. Step 3:Upon the router detecting a firmware update, you would now be able to proceed on the download of the firmware followed by its dutiful installation on your device. You will also need to take the option of the “Click here” link to go for the upgrade. In the situation where your router detects no updates, this simply means that you are already rolling with the latest version of the firmware, so congrats you no longer need to go through this following exercise! If it does detect update, then let us go on.

  4. Step 4:Now the update firmware box is going to excitingly pop up, once it does click Yes.Forthwith, your router kickstarts the process of updating its firmware. It is important to sound out a crucial warning here: DO NOT POWER OFF YOUR ROUTER IN THIS UPDATE PROCESS. It is also a regrettable abomination to close the browser window. The repercussions couldbe tearful especially the possibility of corrupting your router’s firmware.

  5. Step 5:Great so at this point, a router reboot screen will pop up again. Simply click Ok to enjoyably ride on in continuity of the procedure.Conventionally, it takes just a handful of minute for the router to reboot.

  6. Step 6: So here is the final step. Upon completion of the firmware upgrade, on the Firmware update complete screen, you will have to click OK.
Hurray there you are with your updated Linksys Smart Wi-Fi router and the fun just gets bigger!